Didactic Curriculum

  1. Biology and Pathophysiology of Obesity
  2. Genetic Causes of Obesity – Monogenetic Obesity & “Common” Obesity
  3. Obesity Bias
  4. BMI: Why do We Use It and What Are the Pitfalls?
  5. Medical Weight Management - Lifestyle Change: Diets
  6. Medical Weight Management - Lifestyle Change: Exercise
  7. Medical Weight Management - Medications for Weight Loss
  8. Medical Weight Management - Meal Replacement
  9. Motivational Interviewing and Behavioral Change for Weight Management
  10. Surgeries and Procedures for Weight Loss
  11. Obesity and its Comorbidities – Metabolic Syndrome, Fatty Liver, Cancer, PCOS, Mechanical
  12. Diseases (ie. OSA, and Osteoarthritis)
  13. Obesity and Pregnancy, Including In Vitro Fertilization
  14. Obesity and the Microbiome