Research Faculty

DGIM is home to more than 30 faculty researchers conducting innovative and impactful work in epidemiology, health services research, and behavioral and population sciences.

Our researchers are committed not only to describe health and illness but also to intervene to create change.

For details on individual researchers and their projects, click on their names. In addition to individual research projects, DGIM is home to major research centers, networks, and collaborations.

DGIM Research Faculty

Doug Bauer
Christy Boscardin
Mitchell Feldman
Meghana Gadgil
Maria Garcia
Steven Gregorich
Karen Hauer
Alison Huang
Jane Jih
Alka Kanaya
Celia Kaplan
Leah Karliner
Grace Lin
Pamela Ling
Tung Nguyen
Bridget O'Brien
Patricia O'Sullivan
Rena Pasick
Jason Satterfield
Ida Sim
Arianne Teherani
Jeffrey Tice
Judith Walsh-Cassidy
Veronica Yank
Elad Ziv