Insurance Information

Health Insurance

Understanding what your health insurance covers can be complicated. Please call your insurance provider if you have questions about what your specific policy covers.

Please bring your Medicare, Medi-Cal or insurance identification card along with a picture ID to your appointment.

Your insurance may require an office co-payment. If so, you will be asked to make your co-payment in full at your visit. If your visit is not covered by a health plan or insurance, you will be asked to pay for your visit on arrival. Any tests ordered by your provider will not be included as part of the deposit.

If you are an established patient with Mt. Zion General Medicine and you are seen at the 1st Floor of 1545 Divisadero save time and check in with our new Kiosk.

If you receive a survey following your visit with General Medicine please complete it and send it back in the pre-paid envelope. Your feedback helps us to improve our service to patients.