DGIM Staff

Academic Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Address
Kimberly Chan Executive Assistant [email protected]
Magie Fong Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Diana Kim Division Administrator [email protected]
Yvonne Kwok Administrative Analyst [email protected]
Serena Lee Assistant Division Manager [email protected]
Katie Mak Primary Care Residency Coordinator [email protected]
Rosemary Lam Quality Improvement Analyst [email protected]
Cecilia Populus-Eudave Executive Analyst [email protected]
Rayan Shammet Health Profession Education Specialist for CEPC [email protected]
Phil Tiso Principal Editor [email protected]
Emily Yeung Administrative Analyst [email protected]
Tony Yu Research Finance Analyst [email protected]

Research Administrative Staff

Raquel Barajas
Catherine Bonniot-Saucedo
Brittany Campbell
Simona Carini
Sarah Chatfield
Christine Cheng
Brian Clark
Natasha Dass
Amy Du
Ana Fernandez Lamothe
Claudia Guerra Castillo
Selina Flores
Cesar Hernandez
Donglei Hu
Scott Huntsman
Cindy Kim
Nadra Lisha
Jennifer Lucero
Khanh Ly
Jennifer Matekuare
Sarita Pathak
Traci Plaut
Sarah Rosen
Jessica Safier
Jasmine Santoyo-Olsson
Shweta Srivastava
Sara Watchko
Valentina Zavala Cordero

DGIM Staff Council

The Staff Council is a volunteer, representative body that advises the division administrative leadership on ways to improve staff experience, development, recognition and engagement. The Council meets monthly and one of the core activities this group focuses on is planning the quarterly DGIM All Hands staff meetings.

The current Staff Council Members are:

  • Jasmine Santoyo-Olsson
  • Magie Fong
  • Brian Clark