Weight Management

UCSF Weight Management Program

1701 Divisadero Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco CA 94143-1731
(415) 353-7999 (Appointments)

The UCSF Weight Management Program, founded in 1987, offers innovative, inter-professional programs to serve adult patients. Our diverse programs include individual nutrition counseling, weight management classes, supportgroups, psychological assessment and behavioral change counseling, psychological evaluation for readiness for gastric bypass surgery, and a medically-supervised very-low-calorie meal replacement program.

Located in the General Medicine Practice at UCSF, our programs care for patients with a wide variety of common weight issues and obesity-related disorders. We also help with more complex obesity-related problems including severe obesity requiring weight loss in preparation for bariatric surgery; weight loss prior to surgical procedures such as joint replacement, back surgery, or other elective procedures; and chronic illnesses (diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc.) for which weight loss is beneficial. Our programs emphasize skills to achieve and maintain weight loss. The UCSF Weight Management Program team includes physicians, nutritionists and behavioral psychologists.

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Visit the Weight Management Program page on the UCSF Medical Center Website.
For an appointment, call (415) 353-7999.

Our Team

Diana Thiara Gina Moreno-John Bobby Baron
Diana Thiara, MD
Medical Director
Gina Moreno-John, MD
Bobby Baron, MD
Consulting Director
Michelle Guy Amy Smolinski Therese Chan-Tack
Michelle Guy, MD Amy Smolinski, NP Therese Chan-Tack, DO, MPH
Melissa Xia David Besio, RD  
Melissa Xia, RD David Besio, RD