Active Studies

Listed below are Project Summaries for current research projects in the Division of General Internal Medicine at Mt. Zion.

Updated: August 3, 2021

“Smarter Screening” for Older Adults - Judith Walsh, MD, MPH

Examine the feasibility and efficacy of a pilot hypertension management intervention enabled by the Engage-Rx Clinical Decision Support platform. - Valy Fontil, MD, MAS

ComeBACK Study: Longitudinal Clinical Cohort for Comprehensive Deep Phenotyping of Chronic Low-Back Pain (cLBP) Adults - Conor O’Neill, M.D

Developing a Spanish-language translation of the Decision Quality in Coronary Artery Disease decision quality measure (DeQCAD-ESP) - Grace Lin, MD

Pilot Whole Genome Sequencing and Return of Results at UCSFAleksander Rajkovic, MD, PhD

Structural and attitudinal barriers to help-seeking for non-white middle-aged men who screen positive for depression in primary care settings during COVID-19 - Maria Garcia, MD, MPH

UCSF NASH Among Diabetics in Primary Care (NASH-DPC) Study  - Rena Fox, MD

TAMI Coach; Technology Assisted Motivational Interviewing - Jason Satterfield, PhD

The UCSF Brain Health Assessment for the Detection of Cognitive Impairment Among Diverse Populations in Primary Care - Katherine Possin, PhD

Photo+Care: An Intervention to Elicit Contextual Factors among Multimorbid Older Adults - Jane Jih, MD

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease & Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - Monica Sarkar, MD

The Patient Cancer OUtreach, Navigation, Technology and Support (Patient COUNTS) Project: Addressing Care for Asian Americans with Cancer - Tung Nguyen, MD

Identifying and Addressing Health-Related Social Needs in the UCSF General Medicine Practice - Jane Jih, MD

Lung Cancer Screening: A Multilevel Intervention (Aim 2) - Celia Kaplan, DrPH

Improving the Transfer from Pediatric to Adult Care for Young Adults with Childhood-onset Chronic Diseases - Megie Okumura, MD

Pilot Study of Health Messages for Latino Patients with CKD and Their Families - Veronica Yank, MD

Improving Primary Care Assessment and Diagnosis of Dementia: The Early and Accurate Detection and Diagnosis Toolkit - Alissa Bernstein, PhD, MPH

Tailored drug titration through artificial intelligence: an interventional study (ARTERY) - Gabriela Voskarician, PhD

Walnuts to Achieve Lasting NUTrition to prevent Diabetes (WALNUT-Diabetes) - Meghana D. Gadgil, MD

All of Us Research Program - Robert A. Hiatt, MD, PhD

WISDOM Study - Laura Esserman, MD, MBA

Lung Cancer Screening: The Views of Patients and Physicians (TRDRP) - Celia Kaplan, DrPH

Addendum to TRDRP, November 2018

Photos to Promote Health: Pilot Study of a Photovoice based Intervention for Dietary Change in the Ambulatory Care of Older Adults - Jane Jih, MD

Identifying and Assessing Food Insecurity in Older Diverse Primary Care Patients - Jane Jih, MD

Living Alone with Cognitive Impairment - Elena Portacolone, PhD

Clinician language concordance and interpreter use: Impact of a systems intervention on communication and clinical outcomes - Leah Karliner, MD

Care Ecosystem - Bruce Miller, MD