Mt. Zion Clinical Studies

The Division of General Internal Medicine at Mount Zion has a long history of clinic-based research by both our own investigators and non-DGIM investigators. DGIM faculty conduct impactful research to improve health and health equity, expand access to care, and strengthen healthcare delivery systems and are engaged in collaborative research with colleagues at UCSF and nationally. 

Currently, in the General Medical Practice, we care for a population of approximately 25,000 patients. These patients are seen by 58 faculty physicians, 30 primary care resident physicians, 44 categorical resident physicians, and 11 nurse practitioners. Our patients represent a diverse ethnic and socio-economic mix, with a majority non-White: 47% White, 24% Asian, 10% Latino, 9% African-American, and 10% other ethnicities. The payor mix is also diverse: 53% private insurance, 24% Medicare, 6% Medicare Advantage, 13% Medi-Cal, and 4% self-pay.

Administrative and clinical data are available from the UCSF medical center's computerized information system (APEX) by contacting staff at the UCSF Integrated Data Repository through the My Research environment. 

To better utilize DGIM patients and resources, we strongly encourage outside investigators to consider formal collaborative relationships with DGIM faculty and fellows prior to grant submission. Dr. Veronica Yank is available to consult informally with investigators planning protocols or preparing IRB submissions about recruitment procedures most likely to be successful in our clinic. Dr. Yank can provide a letter of support for research proposals that are working with our practice on recruitment. 

We welcome outside proposals that wish to recruit from our patient population. To ensure that there is no disruption of clinical care operations in our DGIM clinics, any studies that will be doing in-person recruitment or requiring any DGIM space, staff, or resources from our practices are strongly recommended to take advantage of our internal review process. This process is designed to help ensure your success by improving communication with our patients and providers and minimizing disruption of usual clinical care. We also recommend that studies using electronic, phone, or mail-based methods of recruitment, participate in the approval process to get input on the best recruitment methods for our practice. The review process takes approximately 2-3 weeks after receipt of the complete application packet.  After our review, we would appreciate if investigators keep us updated on the status (and results) of their projects.

All ongoing projects are posted on our Active Studies website (a useful resource for DGIM providers to answer questions about studies that our patients have been invited to participate in). Our providers know that approved studies have been reviewed by our faculty and clinic leadership, and the website gives access to basic information about the study which enhances recruitment.

The internal review process will not begin until the complete packet has been submitted to us.  The packet consists of the following:

After IRB approval:

  • Final protocol
  • IRB approval letter
  • One-page DGIM Project Summary (second page of linked document)
  • Recruitment materials, questionnaires, and other instruments should be submitted if available

The review process includes review by two research faculty, practice leadership and the medical directors to enhance the success of recruitment procedures in the practice, and may include feedback, clarifying questions, or suggestions for collaboration.  Lastly, we ask that approved studies periodically update us on status of your project and notify us when recruitment is completed.

All applications and administrative questions should be directed to Cecilia Populus-Eudave in the DGIM Administrative Office.  [email protected]

Please contact Dr. Veronica Yank directly with other questions or issues: [email protected]

Thank you for considering DGIM for your patient-oriented research.