Mt. Zion Clinical Studies

The Division of General Internal Medicine at Mt. Zion campus has a long history of clinical research by both our own investigators and non-DGIM investigators recruiting from our practice. Currently, in General Medical Practice we follow approximately 24,000 patients. These patients are seen by 46 faculty physicians, 30 primary care resident physicians, 28 categorical resident physicians, and 6 nurse practitioners.

The patients represent a diverse ethnic mix, with a majority non-White: 48% White, 23% Asian, 9% Latino, 9% African-American, and 20% other ethnicities.

The payor mix is also diverse: 53% private insurance, 25% Medicare, 5% Medicare Advantage, 16% Medi-Cal, and the remainder self pay.

Administrative and clinical data are available from the UCSF medical center's computerized information system (APEX) by contacting staff at the UCSF Integrated Data Repository through the My Research environment.

To better utilize DGIM patients and resources, we strongly encourage outside investigators to consider formal collaborative relationships with DGIM faculty, fellows, and residents. DGIM research faculty may also be available to discuss methodologic issues.

We welcome outside proposals that wish to recruit from our patient population and would like to improve our ability to quick respond to requests. Our goal is to review potential projects and notify investigators within three weeks of receipt of the complete application packet. In return, we ask that Investigators keep us updated on the status (and results) of their projects. The review process will not begin until the following has been submitted to us:

Recruitment materials, questionnaires, and other instruments should be submitted if available.

Lastly, we require that you periodically update us as to the status of your project and agree to notify us when recruitment is completed.