Negotiating at Work for Equity

Equity at work means getting what you need to succeed and thrive in the workplace. It means that resources are given to those who need them, in a fair and just manner.  

Equity at work increases employee satisfaction, morale, trust, retention, participation and engagement.

Here’s how to ask for a change/accommodation at work and negotiate for what you need, bringing equity into your everyday work life.

Ask early. If possible, request an accommodation before your job performance begins to suffer. It is difficult to ask for a change to address past performance issues.

Ask for a meeting. Tell your employer that you’d like a meeting: "I need to talk to you about changing my hours.”  Save the details for the meeting.

Prepare for the meeting. Why is this a good idea for you and others around you? What are the benefits to this change? What else do you need to build your case? Find out if anyone else has done this at DGIM or other departments.

Put details in writing. Bring it to the meeting. “I would like to start 1 hour later and stay 1 hour later to begin on this date.”  Include details for how work will get done.

Don’t Think about “winning.” Have a clear goal. Then remember that the meeting is a collaboration. Be flexible and creative with the details so you can reach your goal in the end.

Include HR.  If you have a medical issue, include your HR representative to get support.

Put the outcome in writing. After the meeting, write, “Thank you for meeting with me. Here is the outcome of our discussion as I understand it: ______”. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings and you are on the same page.

Ask for follow up. Meet with your employer several months after the change to make sure you address any difficulties and to make sure that things are running smoothly.