Social Justice & Activism

From the ACLU “Training for Change Makers” workshop that Gina Moreno-John attended on February 1, 2020. 

Attached is a worksheet to help you develop your personal story as an activist/advocate.  When you share your personal story, you can impact others who might want to join your cause, donate money, or get involved.  Answer the questions below to help you tell your story. Use visual descriptions so people can visualize your story. Make it emotional and relatable. And make it memorable by sharing important personal details.  

  1. STORY OF SELF  Why are you called to make change in the world? When did you start to care? Why?
  2. STORY OF US What values do you share with the audience/person you are talking to? What moments or experiences have you and your community shared that express these values? 1-2 sentences only
  3. STORY OF NOW What is the change you want to make in the world? Why is it urgent? What can people do now to help (what are you asking for)? 1-2 sentences only