Current Fellows

Below are our current fellows in the 2023–24 academic year.

Jessica EricksonJessica Erickson, MD (2nd Year Fellow)
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Undergrad: Harvard University (Major: Psychology)
Medical School: UCSF
Residency: UCSF Primary Care General Internal Medicine Track
Other Prior Experiences: Research Fellowship in Biomedical Ethics at Stanford University

Contributions to Diversity: As a bi-cultural and bilingual (English/Spanish) provider, I enjoy caring and advocating for my Latinx patients.
Favorite Things to do in SF: Hiking and running in Golden Gate Park, learning how to cook with my husband, spending quality time with friends and family, reading, and finding adorable dogs to cuddle with. 
Overall Interests: I am interested in medical education, clinical reasoning, primary care, palliative care, mental health, care for vulnerable populations, bioethics, and physician wellness. I decided to pursue this fellowship so I could continue working with my amazing UCSF DGIM colleagues, continue caring for my diverse and complex primary care patient panel, and continue serving as an educator and mentor for residents and other learners. My fellowship scholarly project explores primary care providers’ experiences with patient deaths from a logistical and emotional perspective and aims to identify educational resources and built-in clinical support that could benefit PCPs when dealing with patient loss.
During my 1st Year of Fellowship: I have completed a qualitative research study focused on PCPs’ experiences with patient death in the outpatient setting, pursued additional learning opportunities (ex: attending the UCSF CME course on Controversies in Women’s Health and participating in the UCSF Health Professions Education Pathway), presented at the national Society of General Internal Medicine meeting and the UCSF Health Professions Education Showcase conference, taught residents and medical students (ex: presented at the UCSF IM residency morning report, precepted residents and medical students in clinic, taught courses about interprofessional practice), and participated in clinic quality improvement initiatives (ex: nurse practitioner/MD co-management initiative to provide better care for high-risk patients).

Goals for 2nd Year of Fellowship:

  • Continue pursuing learning opportunities by attending conferences, grand-rounds, courses that are part of UCSF’s teaching certificate program, etc
  • Continue teaching IM residents and medical students in clinic and exploring more teaching opportunities at the medical school
  • Submit a manuscript of my research project (described above) and work towards developing support-resources for PCPs to better deal with patient loss (from both a logistical and emotional perspective)
  • Apply for jobs in primary care!
  • On a personal note: move homes and have a baby

Akemi BrownAkemi Brown, MD, MS (1st Year Fellow)
Hometown: Kenwood, CA
Undergrad: UC San Diego (Major: Human Biology; Minor: International Studies)
Medical School: UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Residency: UCSF Primary Care General Internal Medicine Track
Other Prior Experiences: Research Fellowship in Biomedical Ethics at Stanford University
Contributions to Diversity: Caring for the diverse population of San Francisco brings me immense joy as a clinician. I am passionate about providing equitable and inclusive care to all patients. Moreover, I am committed to bringing a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion not only into my clinical care but to teams I work on and learners I work with. I myself identify as half-Australian and half-Japanese.
Favorite Things to do in SF: Eating lots of delicious food and enjoying the sunshine on walks with my dog through Golden Gate Park.
Overall Interests: Outside of direct patient care, I am interested in nutrition and weight management as well as developing nutrition curriculum for medical students and residents. I also enjoy mentoring medical students and residents through their medical education journey. I decided to pursue the Clinician Educator Fellowship because I wanted to have dedicated time to grow as a clinical educator through precepting residents, teaching medical students, and designing curriculum. I was also drawn to the opportunity to pursue an area of concentration in Obesity Medicine, and I hope to sit for the Obesity Medicine boards at the end of fellowship. I am excited to further develop my relationships with my primary care patients and to continue to grow as a PCP while being mentored by excellent mentors. I also look forward to continuing to spend time with my UCSF community!

Below were our prior fellows in the 2022-23 academic year:

ZoeZoë Kopp, MD (2 Year Fellowship)
Hometown: New York City, NY
Undergrad: Dartmouth College (Major: Environmental Science)
Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine
Residency: UCSF Primary Care General Internal Medicine Track
Other Prior Experiences: Health Coordinator for the Harlem Children's Zone (Providing fitness and nutrition education for the youth of Harlem)

Why I Pursued this Fellowship: I am interested in transitions of care, care for justice-involved patients, and improving the way we communicate about and with patients. During the fellowship, I worked with Amend, which is a public health organization dedicated to reducing the negative health effects of America’s current jails and prisons on residents and correctional staff, on a health and wellness curriculum for correctional staff. I also studied the use of Epic behavioral alerts in the outpatient and inpatient settings and expanded this research into an educational opportunity on written documentation in electronic health record. I pursued this fellowship for both the ability to practice primary care in a familiar and supportive environment and the chance to pursue scholarly projects with beloved mentors.

Hannah ArchibaldHannah Archibald, MD (1 Year Fellowship)

Hometown: Sacramento, NY
Undergrad: Bates College (Major: Biology)
Medical School: UCSF
Residency: UCSF Primary Care General Internal Medicine Track

I am interested in advanced care planning and serious illness communication, mental health, and career decision-making. I decided to pursue the fellowship because I am excited for the opportunity to work with clinician educator leaders at UCSF and explore my interest in medical education as a career. I also love working at the Mt. Zion DGIM Clinic and am happy to be able to continue working with my patients. I look forward to continuing to develop my skills as a PCP, to learn how to be an effective preceptor for the residents, and to develop skills as a medical educator.

Maya IsaacsohnMaya Isaacsohn, MD (1 Year Fellowship)

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Undergrad: Tufts University (Major: Community Health, Art History)

Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine
Residency: Emory Internal Medicine Residency

I am interested in chronic disease management of vulnerable populations, with a focus on obesity and diabetes. Additionally, I am interested in patient education and exploring the power of social support and community on health. I decided to pursue the Clinician Educator Fellowship to allow for more primary care exposure and the opportunity to work and collaborate with the UCSF DGIM faculty. I am excited to work as a primary care physician to further develop my skills as a clinician and medical educator. I am looking forward to being a part of the Obesity Medicine Area of Concentration gaining additional training in that area.