Rebecca Berman, MD


Rebecca Berman, MD, FACP is the new program director for UCSF's Internal Medicine Residency program. After completing her chief residency at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in 2009, she joined Mass General Hospital, where she built a network of student-faculty primary care practices, the Crimson Care Collaborative (CCC). Over 1000 Harvard Medical students have participated in CCC gaining early exposure to primary care, to care for the underserved and interprofessional education opportunities. In 2013, Dr. Berman returned to BWH to direct its primary care residency program. Dr. Berman is the founder and co-leader of the National Association of Program Directors of Internal Medicine’s Primary Care Program Director Group and is the editor of their Primary Care Toolkit which offers a blueprint for building and strengthening primary care tracks. To help reduce pay disparities and improve diversity in medical leadership positions, she teaches nationally on negotiation skills for physicians. She is a member of the Society of General Internal Medicine and served on their National Career Development Working Group. Other areas of interest include novel curricular design, health literacy, women in medicine and care for the underserved.
2018 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training, University of California
06/2008 - Divsion of General Medicine Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency, Brigham and Women's Hospital
MD, 06/2005 - , Harvard Medical School
AB, 06/1999 - African-American Studies, Harvard College
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