Nhung Nguyen, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nguyen is a behavioral scientist whose research program focuses on reducing substance use and related health disparities among priority populations (e.g., youth and young adults, sexual minorities, people with substance use disorders). Her work provides actionable insights and novel solutions to reduce substance use, promote public well-being, and advance health equity. She has employed a variety of research methods (e.g., population-based surveys, daily diaries, ecological momentary assessments, longitudinal surveys, focus group, in-depth interviews, and mixed-methods studies). Her current projects focuses on applying mobile health technology and machine learning to address dual use of e-cigarette and cigarette as well as co-use of tobacco and cannabis among young populations. Dr. Nguyen directs the smartphone-based research lab on tobacco and substance use for health equity - the HEARTY lab.
2022 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training, University of California
PhD, 2014 - Epidemiology, University of Texas Health Science Center
BS, 2008 - Pharmacy, Hanoi University of Pharmacy
Honors and Awards
  • Outstanding Abstract Award, Society of Behavioral Medicine, 2023
  • Emerging Health Equity Scholar Award, UCSF Multiethnic Health Equity Research Center, 2023
  • NIDA Diversity Scholars Network Program, National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2021
  • Meritorious Abstract Award, Society of Behavioral Medicine, 2021
  • mHealth Training Institute, University of California, Los Angeles, 2021
  • T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Cancer Institute, 2018-2020
  • International Fellowship, American Association of University Women, 2012
  • Predoctoral Fellowship, Vietnam Education Foundation, 2010-2012
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