Robert Hutchins, MD

Robert HutchinsUCSF is such a wonderful place.  It is really difficult for me to put into words how special my time was there.  I would put it in my "top 3 decisions" of my life in pursuing training at UCSF/UCPC.  UCPC stands out to me for a few reasons.  First is the people.  The co-residents I trained with are some of the brightest and kindest people I've ever met.  I often felt unqualified to be there when I looked around to see the amazing people with whom I was training.  Another wonderful thing about UCPC in particular is you really get to build your own curriculum.  When training in UCPC, inpatient training is completed with the categorical residents, but you can customize your elective schedule completely to your liking.  For example, I knew I wanted to go into outpatient medicine, so I was able to complete specialty electives in ENT, dermatology, nephrology and allergy/immunology (amongst many others) that gave me such an advantage when starting as an attending at my first "real" job.  Many of the attendings with whom I have worked since finishing residency come to me to ask questions about these things because they know I've gotten the training in them during residency.  The third main reason UCPC is so wonderful is that I never got any feeling from faculty other than they only wanted what was best for me in my pursuit of the career of my dreams.  The curriculum is optimally designed for those who want to pursue primary care, but there is never any judgment if you decide that is not best for you like pursuing a subspecialty or pursuing something "off the beaten path."  They not only help you develop clinically, but they will try to connect you with prior residents who might be able to help you find the career that works best for you.

Current job: I am currently Clinical Associate Professor and Practice Medical Director at Chapel Hill Internal Medicine, a community practice part of the UNC Health System.  I also work in UNC Executive Health Clinic part time.  Both practices are located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.