Irina Kryzhanovskaya, MD

Era KryzhanovskayaWhen I was interviewing, I was told to look for "that feeling" that a program was right for me. Aside from occasional dyspepsia, I wasn't noticing anything until I arrived at my interview day for UCPC. From the first resident I met to the faculty members who joined for lunch, the energy was palpable that this was a group of people already committed to seeing me succeed as a generalist and an educator. Being able to serve a diverse patient population with common and esoteric diseases alongside the most devoted, intelligent, and tenacious physicians was the icing on the cake. The cherry on top was meeting the leaders in undergraduate and post-graduate medical education who would become my closest mentors and paragons of teaching excellence. With guidance from the UCPC program leadership, my co-residents, and patients, I was able to achieve my career goals of directing a course in the medical school, founding an embedded buprenorphine clinic, and become a mentor myself for the most promising learners in the country. I can't imagine another place with more passion for helping me achieve my goals, providing the highest quality patient care, and producing future leaders in GIM than UCPC.

Current job: Clinician Educator, Assistant Professor.
Combination of clinical time (clinic, attending on wards, attending on addiction care team at General, precepting in clinic w/ students/residents), undergraduate medical education leadership positions (co-director of ARCH week, director of SOLE curriculum on feedback/communication), clinic administrative positions (Chair of Controlled Substance Review Committee Chair, founding Director of the DGIM Embedded Buprenorphine Clinic), and mentorship/scholarly work (RAD advisor, teamlet attending, medical student/resident mentor for learners interested in topics related to addiction medicine, wellness, feedback)