DGIM Food Pharmacy

Food Pharmacy

In August 2019, DGIM held its first “Food Pharmacy.” This is a food bank in clinic for patients who don’t always have enough healthy food to eat. We serve fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and a protein to approximately 50 patients each week.

To screen your patients ask - Within the past 12 months: 

"Did you worry whether your food would run out before you got money to buy more?”  Often Sometimes Never

“Did it ever happen that the food you bought didn't last and you didn’t have money to get more?” Often Sometimes Never

If they answer Often or Sometimes to either question put “Food Insecurity” on their problem list and make an “Ambulatory Referral to Food Pharmacy.”

The Food Pharmacy is a collaborative effort with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and the San Francisco Department of Public Health, with funding from the Mount Zion Health Fund.

We need volunteers! The Food Pharmacy runs from 3 to 4:30pm every Monday. If you can volunteer from 2 to 5pm or any portion of this time, please sign up using this form.

For more information, email Gina Moreno-John or Jennifer Fung.

Mt. Zion Food Pharmacy