Advocacy & Policy

Welcome to the DGIM Social Justice, Policy, Advocacy & Community Engagement (SPACE) Committee

The DGIM SPACE Committee was formed in 2018 by DGIM faculty Beth Griffiths, Gina Moreno-John, Pamela Ling, and Tung Nguyen to reduce health and social disparities, advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations, and improve quality of life and health for all. This Committee consists of DGIM trainees, staff, and faculty who work together to:

  • Host educational events and engagement opportunities for DGIM members who want to improve public health and social justice for all (e.g. gun control, healthcare access, immigration, racism, reproductive rights, food insecurity, housing and homelessness, and mental health).  
  • Partner with community-based social justice and advocacy organizations to help them with their missions, such as by providing volunteers, expert speakers, testimonies, and op-eds.
  • Create a network of UCSF community members who are doing social justice and advocacy work through collaborations with other departments, schools, and centers/institutes.
Tung Nguyen gives presentation